FGLS conferences

Twentieth Anniversary Conference!

The next FGLS conference will be held at Newnham College, Cambridge, from 9th–11th January 2014. For the third time we will joining with our colleagues from the North American Society for Germanic Linguistics for a combined meeting.

Call for Papers

We invite submission of abstracts for papers on any area of Germanic linguistics. All paper presentations will consist of a 20-minute talk followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion.  The languages of the conference are English and German. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length (excluding references) and will be peer-reviewed by the conference programme organizers. Abstracts should be submitted by 6th September 2013 to sw271@cam.ac.uk.


Plenary Speaker

We are delighted that Joseph Salmons (Lester W.J. "Smoky" Seifert Professor of Germanic Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) has accepted our invitation to be a plenary speaker.


Workshops/Thematic Panels

Six 3-hour slots in the conference programme are reserved for thematic panels. The following panel topics have been accepted:

1. Variation in the Morpho-Syntax of Closely-Related Languages. (2)

2. Dealing with Innovation and Change in the Germanic Languages. (5)

3. Old Wine in New Wineskins? New Methods for Old(er) Germanic Languages. (4)

4. Recent Advances in Comparative Phonology and Morphology of the Early Germanic Languages. (3)

5. New Directions in Germanic Sociolinguistics: Borders, Boundaries and Belonging. (2)

6. New Perspectives on Lexicology, Semantics and Word-Formation. (4)

The convenors’ descriptions of the goals of their panel are set out in short abstracts which can be found on the FGLS website here.

The number of open slots available in each panel is given in brackets after the panel title. If you would like to submit your paper under one of these themes, please indicate this in your submission: papers may also be assigned to panels by the organisers.


FGLS holds regular conferences. The previous ones have been as follows:

    I. Meeting: 1994, Manchester

    II. Meeting: 1996, York

    III. Meeting: 1999, Canterbury

    IV. Meeting: 2000, Manchester

    V. Meeting: 2003, London (Joint conference with the Society for Germanic Linguistics (SGL))

    VI. Meeting: 2005, Cambridge 

    VII. Meeting: 2007, Nottingham

    VIII. Meeting: 2009, Banff, Alberta (Joint conference with SHEL and SGL)

    IX. Meeting: 2010, Gregynog, Wales

    X. Meeting: 2012, Sheffield

    XI. Meeting: 2014, Cambridge (Jan 9-11; Joint conference with SGL)

Previous conferences have received financial support from the from the Goethe-Institut, the Swiss Consulate, the Tiarks Fund and other funds located at the relevant host institutions.