Maritime Security Capacity Building: Towards Best Practices, A SafeSeas workshop hosted by SIGLA

9 November 2017, 9.30 AM - 10 November 2017, 2.00 PM

Conference Venue: the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

GIC director, Professor Tim Edmunds is attending a workshop hosted by SIGLA at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa as part of the SafeSeas project.


The primary objective of this workshop is to discuss the drafts of the book chapters that present the core outcomes of the SafeSeas project. The goal is to cross-fertilize insights gained from each case in order to distil best practices and to identify areas of future collaboration and the potential of Safeseas II.

Working Format

Presenters should present the core insights from their chapter with a focus on five questions: 

1) How are maritime security challenges addressed in practice?

2) Who are the lead actors? 

3) How are actors coping with the multi-agency challenge and coordinate? 

4) How do actors work with external capacity builders? 

5) What are the challenges that can be identified?

Working Agenda


 08:30-9.00         Welcome and overview of the                             day by Christian Bueger and                               Francois Vrey



Part 1: Introductory Chapters

Chapter 1: Introduction

Presenter: Robert McCabe

Discussants: All

Chapter 2: Theorizing Capacity Building

Presenter: Christian Bueger

Discussant: TBC 


Part 4: Concluding Chapters

Best Practices for Maritime Security Capacity Building

Presenter: Tim Edmunds

Discussant: All

10.30-11.00          Coffee Break

11.00-11.30          Coffee Break


Part 2: Non-Western Role Models?

South Africa

Presenter: Francois Vrey

Discussant: Njoki Mboce


Presenter: Naghmana Zafar

Discussant: Tim Edmunds


Presenter: (via skype)

Discussant: tbc


Future Collaboration and Safe Seas II: Options

Presenter: Christian Bueger

Discussant: All


13.15-14.00          Lunch Break

13.00-14.00          Lunch

14.00-16.00          Part 3: WIO Chapters

Multilateral Capacity Building Initiatives

Presenter: Robert McCabe

Discussant: Mowlid Aden


Presenter: Alvine Marie

Discussant: Carina Bruwer


Presenter: Njoki Mboce

Discussant: Francois Vrey 

14.00                     Departure


16.00-16.30          Coffee Break



Part 3: WIO Chapters (continued)


Presenter: Mowlid Aden

Discussant: Alvine Marie


Presenter: Rupert Alcock

Discussant: tbc





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