Application process

Our Erasmus+ programme is open to students from our European exchange partners. If your university isn't one of our exchange partners, you could apply to our Study Abroad programme.

The Erasmus+ programme is best suited to undergraduate students in the third year of a four-year degree or the second year of a three-year degree.

Application deadlines

We will only consider your application after we have received your online application and Learning Agreement. You must submit these by the following deadlines:

  • 01 July for full year and autumn semester (September entry)
  • 22 November for spring semester (January entry)

Please note, we are currently processing full year and autumn semester applications as normal. We are still accepting nominations and applications for the spring semester, but won't be processing applications until we have completed our autumn application period.

Getting your offer

We aim to make an offer within four weeks of receiving a completed application. We will send you an official letter of acceptance when your application form has been processed.

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