Destination Vet Summer School

Dream of becoming a vet? Destination Vet is a rare opportunity to gain real-world experience, receive application advice and sample life in a UK vet school.

Application closes April 30 2018:

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Join our unique two week summer school programme created to help students prepare for an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Science. 

Combining world-class teaching, clinical experience, admissions advice and interview skills you will work with students from across the world to build your own work experience portfolio. You will also take part in exciting social activities to give you a real taste of what life as a UK student is really all about!


Destination Vet was a life-changing experience. It was my first time traveling abroad alone, and the people and staff at Bristol were extraordinary. The city was gorgeous, the activities fun and informative, and the people wonderful.

Isabella Swift (Palmer Trinity School, Florida), USA

Programme dates

Destination Vet takes place from 16 July 2018 until 27 July 2018.

Contact us

If you have any questions about submitting your application, please email:

Tel: +44 (0)117 39 40207

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