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Tuition Fees

While you are studying abroad you continue to be a registered as a University of Bristol student and continue to pay your tuition fees to the University of Bristol, not your host university abroad. You can continue to receive any student loans, grants or bursaries that you are eligible for in Bristol while studying abroad.

Check the Tuition fees for full-time undergraduates on Study Abroad or Erasmus courses.

Funding for placements


When considering study abroad destination, take the time to research and add up the costs of studying abroad. Start planning and budgeting on how you will pay for it. You will need to consider:

  • Accommodation - costs vary depending on where you study e.g. LA and Paris are more expensive than Wisconsin or Montpellier. Some exchange universities provide accommodation, others will provide guidance on finding private accommodation. Check their website for details.
  • Travel - you will need to cover the cost of your own travel, but may be able to reclaim some study abroad travel related costs from Student Finance England. Some Local Education Authority’s (LEA) offer financial support to cover travel costs.
  • Visas - find out if you require a visa to study abroad in a country. UK citizens can refer to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for information. If you do require a visa, you must budget for it in advance.
  • Vaccinations – some study abroad destinations may require pre-medical screenings and/or vaccinations as part of their entry requirements. UK citizens can refer to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for information and you can check the host universities exchange website. 


All University of Bristol students studying or working abroad must take out adequate travel and health insurance. 

  • Outside of the EU (Australia, Canada and the US in particular), you will need your own health insurance as there is no state health insurance. Your host university will often require you to purchase a specific policy. Costs vary considerably but can be as high as $1500 per semester for some US institutions.
  • The University of Bristol has an optional Travel Insurance Policy for year abroad students.
  • Students can purchase an insurance policy from a third-party provider. Information on what to consider when choosing an insurance policy is provided by the Global Opportunities team. 
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