We offer seed corn funding each year to support and promote activities that will foster interdisciplinary research in the area of data science.

Wencourage collaborations between researchers working in data analytics and data infrastructure to join applied researchers and other project partners. We would like to help you to engage in developing short pilot projects based on the principle that seed corn funding is an investment of a relatively small sum that will lead to bigger things.

Funding call

GW4 Seed corn funding available now – This funding call has now opened with a closing date of 24th January 2018.

GW4 Seed corn funding call (Office document, 42kB)

Looking for inspiration?

To keep up with all our funding opportunities Join the JGI Community or if you have any interesting ideas for projects and would like to discuss them Get in touch!

In the meantime, have a look at some of the projects we have funded already: 

Seed corn projects

Other funding opportunities

We announce other funding calls in related fields via our JGI Community Update every month - Join our JGI Community to ensure you receive the latest news. Or visit our JGI Blog to look at our latest news on funding.

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