Renewable energy

Solar panels provide enough energy to power 90 homes.

In 2011, we began installing renewable energy sources across University buildings, in order to lower our CO2 emissions and reduce our dependence on the National Grid.
Projects have focused on two main areas: photovoltaic solar (PV) panels to provide energy, and air-source heat pumps to produce hot water in electrically-heated halls of residence.

Solar panels

We have half a megawatt of PV panels and are continually scoping out the potential for installing more in the coming years; all new buildings include planning requirements for renewable energy. Our biggest array is at the National Composites Centre, which can provide up to 280kW on the sunniest days.

We produce enough solar energy to meet the average annnual requirements of 90 homes, reducing CO2 emissions by 220 tonnes per year.

Results highlights

CO2 emissions have reduced by 220 tonnes per year.

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