You can find the Faculty Student Advice Service at 41 St. Michael's Hill. The location is intended to offer discreet access while being centrally located for the programmes it serves.


Appointments with our service can be offered by phone and Skype video call, but we also have a planned visits to Langford Vet School as follows:

Langford Vet School

Amy will be visiting the Langford Vet School on the following days:

  • Thursday 16th January
  • Thursday 30th January
  • Thursday 13th February
  • Thursday 27th February
  • Thursday 12th March
  • Thursday 26th March

Easter Vacation

  • Wednesday 22nd April
  • Thursday 7th May
  • Thursday 21st May
  • Thursday 4th June
  • Thursday 18th June

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Langford also receives visits from a Student Wellbeing Service Adviser in the weeks between our services' visits. To discuss support from their service use the contact details found on their service website.

Medical School Academies

Some of our medical students are on placement in academies away from the University of Bristol campuses.

We encourage these students to work with our service by selecting telephone or Skype video call appointments through the booking calendar.

To have a Skype appointment you will need a computer or smart phone with access to a browser, microphone and (optional) camera capabilities. You don't need an existing Skype account as we ask students to join the meeting as a guest.

If you'd like to make a telephone or Skype appointment but don't have a quiet room/the required technology to do so, please let us know by emailing so we can work with you to identify options to make an appointment possible for you.

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Advice on Location

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