If you are a student within the Faculty of Health Sciences and are currently in financial hardship, we're here to help.

We recommend you attend an appointment with the the Student Advisors to discuss your circumstances as there may be additional advice we can provide alongside that relating to finances.

Take advice from the experts

The Student Funding Team create and update a lot of excellent guidance for students generally and in some cases for specific programmes.

We recommend you read the guidance on their webpages before undertaking any applications for funding, and if you need any further advice, contact them to make an appointment.

For NHS funded courses there is additional information at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fees-funding/undergraduate/nhs-funding/.

For UG Veterinary Science there is additional information at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fees-funding/undergraduate/vet-funding/.

For intercalation funding there is additional information at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fees-funding/undergraduate/intercalation/.

They also have an excellent search facility to find scholarships and awards available to students at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fees-funding/search/.

FoHS Hardship Fund

If you have already applied to the relevant funds available through the Student Funding Team here at Bristol, or have received advice from the Student Funding Team that you're not eligible for any funds they're able to offer, you may be able to apply to the Health Sciences Faculty Hardship Fund.

To qualify for consideration you will need to a.) have received all available support from the Student Funding Team in this academic year and b.) be experiencing hardship as the result of an unexpected change in circumstances.

If this describes your current circumstances, please click the link below and follow the form guidance to complete and return it to the faculty with the required evidence documents listed on the signature page.

Faculty Hardship Fund Application (Office document, 65kB)

Financial Hardship for Health Sciences Students

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