Women’s Writing in Post-War Spain

Unit Code: HISP21309
Unit Director: Dr Caragh Wells
Teaching Block: Two
Unit length: Twelve weeks
Method of Assessment: See below


This unit provides students with an introduction to several of Spain’s most important post-war women writers. Students will explore the social, political and cultural background to the period under discussion and, through a close reading of each set text, they will examine the key themes that each writer explores in her fiction. These themes include the relationship between space and female freedom, female sexuality and male-female relations.

Students should read all of the set texts before commencing this unit.

Set Texts

  • Carmen Laforet, La llamada (Collection of short stories) (1954)
  • Carmen Martín Gaite, Entre visillos (1957)
  • Montserrat Roig, Ramona, adios(1972)
  • Rosa Montero, Te trataré comouna reina(1983)

Background reading

  • Brown, Joan L. (ed.), Women Writers of Contemporary Spain: Exiles in the Homeland (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1991)
  • Davies, Catherine, Women writers in twentieth-century Spainand Spanish America (Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, 1993)
  • Davies, Catherine, Contemporary feminist fiction in Spain: the work of MontserratRoig and Rosa Montero (Oxford: Berg, 1994).
  • Martín Gaite, Carmen, Desde la ventana: Enfoque femenino de la literatura española (Madrid: Espasa, 1993).


One lecture and one seminar per week over 12 weeks

Methods of assessment

One summative essay of 1,800-2,000 words (one-third of mark) and one two-hour examination (two-thirds of mark).

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