Locus Members

The University has very many teaching and research staff working on Latin American history, literature, culture, anthropology, politics, economics and language. Some of these are:

Dr Caroline Williams

Senior Lecturer in Latin American History, author of Between Resistance and Adaptation: Indigenous peoples and the Colonisation of the Chocó, 1510-1753 (2004).

Dr Matthew Brown

Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies, author of Adventuring through Spanish colonies: Simón Bolívar, Foreign Mercenaries and the Birth of New Nations (2006).

Dr Jo Crow

Lecturer in Latin American Studies, working on Chile, Peru and Bolivia

Dr Walter Buytaert

RCUK Academic Fellow, School of Geographical Sciences

Dr Fernando Cervantes

Senior Lecturer in History, Department of Historical Studies. He is currently writing a book on the intellectual world of Miguel de Cervantes.

Dr Nick Saunders

Senior Lecturer, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Doctoral students

Lara Coleman

Guy Mavor

Rupert Mould

Cathleen Schmitke

Karen Tucker

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