Research areas

Our research is about the nature of connections:

  • Connections between places 
  • Connections between times
  • Connections between disciplines

We also focus on research in Translation Studies.

Global culture and history are fundamental to our work. We research how Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries shaped the world, across Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. We ask how they fit into the wider globe.

We explore new ways to express those relationships. Doing so involves working on numerous different subjects. From earth science to sport, visual arts to history, linguistics to literature, our work matters to multiple academic fields. We ask what it means to research in a composite discipline


  • Matthew Brown, 'The Quipu Project: Living Documentary', REACT funded. 
  • Matthew Brown, 'Football, Tramways and the Birth of a Brazilian Metropolis: The British Presence in São Paulo, 1890-1930', British Academy funded.
  • Jo Crow, 'Interconnected Histories: The Family Lives, Institutional Networks and Travels of Mapuche Intellectuals in Twentieth-Century Chile', British Academy & Newton funded.
  • Andrew Ginger, 'Iberian Reactions to The Lisbon Disaster', Carnegie funded.
  • Andrew Ginger, 'Pedro Mata and the Renewal of Nineteenth-Century Spanish Medical Science', Wellcome Trust funded.
  • Jose Ligna Nafafe, 'African Migrants’ Integration in Northern and Southern Europe', British Academy funded.
  • Paco Romero Salvadó, 'Political Comedy and Social Tragedy in Spain, 1897-1921', Leverhulme funded.

Associated centres

Collaborations and activities

Bristol is one of the great Atlantic ports, linked historically to the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds. Likewise, we work on the Nature of Connections in large international and regional collaborations

  • Nineteenth-Century Hispanists 
  • Long Eighteenth-Century
  • LUDENS (football and sport)
  • Bristol-Brazil
  • The New Woman
  • Projects with Pontifical University (Chile), Las Palmas University

We value the composite nature of our subject, working with other disciplines on

  • Volcanos 
  • Atlantic Studies
  • Sport
  • Landscapes
  • Internationalism
  • Linguistics

Our wide-ranging work matters well beyond academia. Each year we hold a Cultural Week. Our researchers have worked with

  • FCO
  • Parliamentary Committee on Guinea-Bissau
  • Rural communities (Peru)
  • Prince’s Institute

Research in the Faculty

Our research forms part of the overall research activities and strategies of the Faculty of Arts.

Research events

We run a regular research seminar series and are frequently involved with one-off research events.

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