Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Monographs

Alonso de Cartagena (?) Cathoniana Confectio  Edited and translated by Barry Taylor  2004 Bristol Medieval Studies, I  ISBN-10: 0862925509  £24.00
Camões, Prince of Poets  Clive Willis  2010  viii + 324pp ISBN-10: 0955240662

ISBN-13: 9780955240669

The Encounters Between Opposites in the Works of Clarice Lispector  Claire Williams  2006. xvii + 147pp ISBN-10: 0955240603

ISBN-13: 9780955240607

From Orosius to the Historia Silense
Four essays on Late Antique and Early Medieval Historiography of the Iberian Peninsual
 Edited by David Hook  2005 Bristol Medieval Studies, II viii + 147pp ISBN-10: 0862925576

ISBN-13: 9780862925574

Manuscripts, Texts, and Transmission from Isidore to the Enlightenment
Papers from the Bristol Colloquium on Hispanic Texts and Manuscripts
 Edited by David Hook  2006 x + 166pp ISBN-10: 0862925584

ISBN-13: 9780862925581

Mexico 1680 Cultural and Intellectual Life in the 'Barroco de Indias'  Edited by Jean Andrews and Alejandro Coroleu  2007. viii +252pp ISBN-10: 0955240638

ISBN-13: 9780955240638

Portugal 1914-1926 From the First World War to Military Dictatorship  Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses  2004. xxiv + 276pp  ISBN-10: 086292555X  £28.00
Powers of Utterance. A discourse approach to works of Lorca, Machado and Valle-Inclán  Robin Warner  2003. vi +197pp  ISBN-10: 0862925304  £22.00
Questión de amor  Edited by Gregory Peter Andrachuk  2006. xiii +198pp ISBN-10: 0955240611

ISBN-13: 9780955240614

Sender 2001.
Actas del congreso centenario celebrado en Sheffield
 Edited by Anthony Trippett  2002 xiv + 187pp  ISBN086292524 X  £22.00
The Spain of the Catholic Monarchs
Papers from the Quincentenary Conference (Bristol, 2004)
 Edited by David Hook  2008 241pp ISBN-10: 095524062X

ISBN-13: 9780955240621

William Bullock Connoisseur and Virtuoso of the Egyptian Hall: Piccadilly to Mexico (1773-1849)  Michael P Costeloe  2008 244pp ISBN-10: 0955240646

ISBN-13: 9780955240645

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