Project team

Professor Robert Bickers
AHRC History of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service project director.

Felix Boecking
Research student, University of Cambridge, 2004-7, thesis on ‘Tariffs, Power, Nationalism and Modernity: Fiscal Policy in Guomindang-Controlled China 1927-1941’, co-supervised by Robert Bickers, Hans van de Ven (University of Cambridge). Felix is now Senior Lecturer in the Economic and Political History of Modern China at Edinburgh University.

Dr Donna Brunero
Department of History, National University of Singapore, Donna is author of Britain's Imperial Cornerstone in China: the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, 1854-1949 (2006).

Jamie Carstairs
Digitization Officer, and a photographer, Jamie digitized photographs relating to the Customs Service.

Dr Chih-yun Chang
Research student, 2006-10, thesis ''The Chinese State, The Maritime Customs and the Chinese Staff, 1900 - c.1960'. Dr Chang is now Associate Professor of History at Shanghai Jiaotong University..

Richard S. Horowitz (Professor of History, California State University Northridge). Project Associate.

Dr Catherine Ladds
Research student, 2003-07, thesis 'Empire Careers: The Foreign staff of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, 1854-1949'. Dr Ladds held a BICC Career Development Fellowship in 2007-08, and worked on an AHRC-funded collaboration with the ACRE team at the Hadley Centre, Exeter, before taking up a position as Special Assistant Professor at the Department of History, Colorado State University. She is now an Associate Professor of History, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Dr Tehyun Ma
Project assistant, 2006. Dr Ma is now Lecturer in International History at the University of Sheffield...

Dr Yihui Shi

Project collaborator. Lecturer at Nanjing University. Dr Shi is collaborating on the meteorological project.

Dr Weipin Tsai
Research Fellow, 2004-06. Dr Tsai is now Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese History at Royal Holloway University of London.

Jim Williams
Research student, completed an MPhil on 'Corruption within the Chinese Maritime Customs with special reference to the level of intergrity maintained by the expatriate staff' in 2008, and now developing a fuller survey as a PhD student. Jim came to this work with expertise as an independent consultant on customs development and reform issues and after a 33 year career in HM Customs and Excise.

The following colleagues at the Second Historical Archives of China, at Nanjing, worked closely with the AHRC project: Director Ma Zhendu, Jiang Yun, He Ling, Xu Yin.