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 Who do I need to contact in HR Operations?


HR ManagerHR Officer
  • Supports managers through organisational change and delivery of strategy
  • Liaison with trade unions
  • Manage establishment including staff requests and workforce plans
  • Oversee HR service delivery
  • Reward strategy including grade M, promotions, progression and recruitment and retention premium
  • Support equality & diversity initiatives
  • Support managers with the management of staff absence and health
  • Follow up occupational health referrals with managers
  • Support managers with ISR, capability, conduct, grievance or acceptable behaviour cases
  • Complex maternity/ cover/ flexible working enquiries
  • Job Evaluation and support for writing job descriptions
  • Manage and support redeployment cases
  • Support workforce planning


Who do I need to contact in Employee Services?


HR AdviserHR Administrator / Admin Assistant
  • Produce occupational health referrals & arrange workplace assessments
  • Provide advice to staff and managers on maternity/ paternity and shared parental leave
  • Provide flexible working advice to staff and managers
  • Administer relocation expenses
  • Place job adverts
  • Produce contracts and changes to contracts
  • ISR queries
  • UKVI/Visa queries
  • Resourcing administration including producing short listing packs and interview arrangements
  • Produce contracts and changes to contracts
  • Routine enquiries
  • Produce HPT contracts
  • Process resignations
  • PIMS data entry
  • Take up employment references and provide references for landlords, banks and new employers


HR Operations


Faculty / DepartmentHR ManagerHR Officer
Faculty of Engineering Catherine Stuart Imogen Barfield
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law Melanie Wise Caroline Veale
    Dawn Freeman
Faculty of Health Sciences Rachel Shimeld Dorette Morgan
    Dorieke van den Brom
    Sophie Colston
Faculty of Arts Kevin Carolan Dawn Freeman
Faculty of Biomedical Sciences Anna Duncan Lucy Blannin
Faculty of Science Stela Holder Laura Balkwill
Professional Services Paula Stirling Julie Brown
    Viv Bewley
    Natalie Mueller
    Ed de Croos
    Neil Buttery
Floating HR Lesley Houareau Jane Hewson

Employee Services


Hub AHub B
Arts, Social Sciences & Law, Professional ServicesHealth Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Science
Sharon Faulkner - Senior HR Adviser Jodie Hooper - Senior HR Adviser
Rhian Beattie - Adviser Charlotte Evans - Adviser
Jess Cain - Adviser Laura Bridges - Adviser
Tarnjit Kaur - Adviser Kate Brown - Adviser
Kate Taylor - Adviser Sarah Alexander - Adviser
Sally Pheasant - Adviser Kathryn Cleave - Adviser
Jenna Youell - Adviser Isabella Herrera - Adviser (currently on maternity leave)
Hanna Fenwick - Administrator (currently on maternity leave) Beth Rogers - Administrator
Kateline Sparks - Administrator Bex Upton - Administrator
Ethan Luke - Administrator Mary Alexandrou - Administrator
Miriam Lane - Administrator Anna Woolford - Administrator
Sarah Harvey - Administrator Janet Cainey - Administrator
Rachel Walker - Administrator Jill Richards - Administrator
Lisa Wood - Administrative assistant Natalie Genge - Administrator
  Jo-Ann Binns Harris - Administrator
  Eirlys Fernihough - Administrator
  Rachael Deacon - Administrator

Faculty Contact Email Addresses

FacultyRecruitment QueriesHR Queries
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law
Professional Services
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Science


 Organisational Development


Staff Development - Academic Staff Development  
 Simon Swales  Head of Academic Staff Development
 Jane Pritchard  Staff Development Manager (Academic Staff)
 Clare Wrixon  Staff Development Officer (Academic Staff)
 Louise Fisher  Staff Development Officer (Academic Staff)
 Pam Lock  GW4 Developing People Officer
 Gonzalo Velasco Berenguer       GW4 Administrative Assistant
 Mike Gulliver  Staff Development Officer (Academic Staff)
 Katie Manktelow Staff Development Adviser (Academic Staff)
 Julian Kendell  Educational Developer PDP
 Claudia Gumm  GW4 Developing People Officer
 Emily Derbyshire  GW4 Developing People Administrative Assistant
 Sarah Armstrong  Administrative Team Manager
 Alice Kwong  Administrator
 Jon Tilley  Administrator
 Magda Clark  Administrator
 Stuart Tait  Administrator
 Rachel Dill  Administrator


Staff Development 
Clare Brophy Staff Coaching Service Manager
Kate Butler Staff Development Manager (Coaching) 
Sarah McCowen Staff Development Manager (Coaching) 
Claire Kinsley Staff Engagement Manager (Staff Engagement)
Allison McRitchie Staff Development Officer (Staff Engagement)
Hazel Levett Staff Development Adviser (Staff Engagement)
Christopher Lewis      Administrative Assistant (TSS)
Jonathan Davies Staff Social Administrator
Ros Hitchen Staff Development Manager (Leadership / Management) 
Lydia Klimecki Staff Development Adviser (Leadership / Management)
Bethan Turner Staff Development Officer (Leadership / Management)
Holly Inness Administrative Assistant


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Tracy Brunnock      Organisational Development Manager      
Vikki Layton HR Officer
Farhan Cheema HR Officer
Tina Hitchens HR Adviser


Policy, Systems and Reward
Neil Garrett HR Manager (Policy, Systems and Reward)    
Jenny Smith HR Manager (Policy and Reward)
Sarah Dietz HR Officer (Policy)
Kim Pennelegion      HR Officer (Policy) - ERP Team
Rob McCracken HR Administrator


Richard Boyce Resourcing Manager
Laura Gibson Temporary Staffing Service (TSS) Manager
Harry Cornish Resourcing Adviser
Tracey Evans Resourcing Assistant
Emma Paul Resourcing Adviser (Campaigns)
Clare Stephens International Adviser
Rachel Coggins International Adviser
Harriet Hanson TSS Administrator - currently on maternity leave     
Lucie Rose TSS Administrator - currently on maternity leave
Jon Tilley CAG Administrator
Charlotte Bufton      CAG Administrator
Katharine Miller TSS Administrator
Adam Hopton TSS Administrator
Heather Wilson TSS Administrator
Sacha Russell TSS Administrator


ERP Project Team
Jayne Oram Assistant Director, HR Operations     
Angie Budd HR Manager (Policy & Reward)
Dylan Isaacs HR Systems Officer
Lisa Monteith HR Systems Adviser
Bridgett Amey      HR Adviser
Hilary Potter HR Adviser


Human Resources Management
Claire Buchanan      HR Director
Sue Clyne Deputy Director and Head of Organisational Development 
Alison Wall Assistant HR Director, HR Operations
Sarah Haworth Senior Executive Assistant and PA to HR Director (Tues, Weds, Fri)      
Hannah Taylor HR Executive Assistant


 Organisation Structure Charts