Grade M

Professorial and senior managerial staff of the University are assigned to Grade M.  The professorial grade applies to academic staff on a level e role profile.  For senior managerial staff the grade applies to staff in roles scoring above 741 points under the University's job evaluation scheme.

Grade M consists of 3 ranges.  For further information on appointment to and movement within and between the ranges, select from the information below:

Professorial Grade M

For internally promoted staff (who will be appointed to Range 1) and other staff who are directly recruited to Range 1, range will be assigned at the outset of the appointment.  In all other cases, the procedure for assigning a range for new appointments will be followed.

For movement to a higher salary point within a range, or for movement between ranges, the annual procedure for movement within and between ranges should be followed.

Senior Managerial Grade M

For managerial staff appointed to Grade M, range is determined by the UBJES scoring mechanism, according to the size of the role.

Where it is considered that there have been substantive and material changes to a role such that this could affect the grade/range, the Procedure for Re-evaluations should be followed.