Offering a Fractional Contract to an existing Hourly-Paid Teacher or to a new member of staff - Manager's Guidance

In addition to the policy and procedure, this guidance provides further information for managers in Schools/Divisions who are considering the transfer of an Hourly-Paid Teacher (HPT) to a fractional Part-Time Teacher (PTT) contract, or in relation to a new member of staff.  As outlined in the policy and procedure, the eligibility criteria which must be met for consideration of a fractional contract are that the role must be for at least 0.2 FTE, and the work must be ongoing. 

Eligibility criteria

Where the eligibility criteria can be met (that the role must be for at least 0.2FTE and the work is ongoing), and where the individual is already employed by the University in another role, it is important to ensure that the PTT work and the existing other work does not equate to more than the equivalent of 1 full-time member of staff. 

Conversion – annual leave considerations

Managers need to be mindful when converting an HPT to a fractional PTT that there will need to be an increase in overall hours to be contracted to work, compared to the existing hours required to fulfil the role as an HPT. This is because HPT’s receive (paid) statutory leave entitlement, whereas PTT’s who are on the same terms and conditions as staff on grades A to I, or grades J and above receive additional annual leave entitlement, and are required to take their leave, rather than have it paid.  

Consideration of periods of non-work time

As indicated in the policy, the individual will be a salaried member of staff, paid monthly for the duration of the employment in question.  For some Part-Time Teachers there may not be a requirement to work during certain periods of the year, for example, between the end of Teaching Block 2 and before the start of the next academic year, resulting in a work pattern of 10 months in every 12 month period.  In this scenario, it would be necessary to prorate the 12 monthly salary payments.  Furthermore, it would also be necessary to deduct any bank holidays and/or closure days where these fall during non-working periods.

Role Descriptor

The policy indicates that where some of the work is on a different HPT role descriptor but the combined work is of at least 0.2 FTE / 310 contracted hours and the work is ongoing, the employing School, in conjunction with Human Resources should consider on a case by case basis, whether a fractional contract would be appropriate (with reference to the continuing need for the work and the member of staff’s history of involvement with the University).  When assessing this issue, it is  important to consider the level at which the work is usually operating, bearing in mind that roles sometimes encompass activities at higher and lower levels than the norm, and also to consider historical working patterns, where relevant.     

Nature of the fractional contract – fixed term / open-ended

It is important to consider the objective reasons which will determine whether a fixed-term contract can be used, when determining whether to offer a fixed term or open-ended contract.

Induction considerations

The procedure states that ‘the employing School shall treat the individual as a member of that School on an equal basis with other part-time staff’.  In this context it is important to provide a standardised induction for a new PTT in line with the induction for any other appointments, and to review of any knowledge gaps for longer serving HPTs who are being converted to a PTT contract.