Associates Policy

School and Professional Service Managers may grant associate access to individuals who are not members of staff or academic honorary staff but who require unsupervised access to the University’s buildings, libraries and/or IT systems.  

Associates should be sponsored by an existing member of staff who is responsible for ensuring that the duration and level of access remain accordant with the role being undertaken.

Associate Status Form (Office document, 75kB)


Associates fall within the following categories:

Out of Scope

Non-standard students should be entered into SITS using the non-standard students' procedures.

Agency Workers

Staff usually on assignment at the University from either recognised framework agencies; non-framework agencies; or a third party intermediary who supplies contractors.

University Subsidiary

The University has a number of subsidiary limited companies that are either wholly owned or the University retains share capital. eg. Bristol Innovations; Langford Veterinary Services; NCC Operations; Oval; Park Row; The Science Research Foundation; University of Bristol Services. The majority of staff working for the subsidiary will not be employed directly by the University of Bristol.

Self Employed Individuals

These are usually people who are engaged with the University to carry out specific work. They are paid directly by purchase order, via their business name or by cheque. They will not be paid via payroll.

Third Party Organisations

This category covers a wide range of service providers, clients and visiting organisations. This also covers people visiting from organisations that audit, review and assess the University of Bristol externally.

Student Union Staff/Sabbatical Officers

The Student Union team is run by a team of annually elected full-time officers, supported by a permanent staff team and a board of trustees.

University Governance

This includes any unpaid committee members, chairs or members of council.

Student Placements

A student placement is where the University of Bristol enters into an agreement to place a student within a faculty/department for the purpose of gaining experience for their study, or internally arranged between faulty/department and a student. Internal students should already have a SITS record as well as PIMS during this period. Only Bristol University Students should be on the SITS system. Student placements should be entered on to PIMS where they are undertaking work, rather than studying as part of the placement.

Work Experience Placements

Work experience is defined as an unpaid placement on university premises where a person carries out a particular task or duty, or a range of tasks or duties, more or less as an employee would, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience (normally for one or two weeks). Typical work experience students will be between 15 – 17 years of age.

*Please can you advise any students you employ as honorary staff that they will be set up with an Outlook account. As a result:

They can access Outlook via using their University username and password. Other taught students at the University continue to use Gmail at present.


Indicative ScenariosSITSPIMS
UoB student is placed within a UoB faculty as a student placement. Yes Yes
Cardiff University arrange a placement with the Faculty of Science at UoB to place a student with the University for 2 months to gain experience.   Yes
A student from a local college is attending Bristol University to complete the final model of a course, which they missed at their college because of illness. Yes  
A local school student works at the university as part of the schools work experience programme. (n.b. this is therefore a work experience placement, not a student placement). They will only require PIMS access if deemed necessary, otherwise they could be issued a temporary login for the 2 weeks.   Yes
A UoB student takes up a part time post for 14 hours a week whilst studying. The post is banded at grade C. (n.b. This is therefore not a student placement, and the student should be treated like a normal part time employee and the HR Faculty Team should manage their recruitment). Yes Yes
 A UoB student signs up with a framework agency and is appointed to a project for 4 months working 1 day a week. (n.b. This is therefore not a student placement and they should be entered as agency staff on PIMS)    Yes


Services Required

Associates should be granted access to the University's libraries, buildings and systems as required by their role.  If the Associate has been issued with any form of contract or written agreement, an original signed copy must be returned before any access is granted.


Access to the University's information and information systems and networks will be granted to an Associate in accordance with the University's Information Security policy. It is a Sponsor's responsibility to ensure that an Associate is made aware of and agrees to abide by this policy before associate status is granted.

Associate access should be sponsored by an existing member of staff and authorised by a School or Professional Service Manager using the Associate Status Form (Office document, 75kB) form.

Access may be granted for as long as required but should be renewed on a 12 month basis.

Once authorised the form should be forwarded to the appropriate administrator who will set the individual up with an ‘honorary’ staff record on PIMS using the same process as for genuine honorary academic staff.

Once a record has been created on PIMS an IT account and UCard account will be automatically created.  This may take up to two working days.

The individual should contact the IT service desk at the Computer Centre to obtain a user name and email address.  They will then be able to collect a UCard from Card Services at Royal Fort Lodge.