Personal Development Plans

The Professional Behaviours Framework and the Staff Review and Development Discussion

What is the Professional Behaviours Framework?

The framework offers a model of professional behaviours which has been developed through desk research, consultation questionnaires, workshops and focus groups. The model builds on best practice in the Higher Education (HE) sector and elsewhere and draws on National Occupational Standards.  It provides a clear steer on key and valued behaviours of people working in HE, and at Bristol, today.  Full details of the Framework can be found on the Staff Development website at:  

The framework sits comfortably with the University of Bristol Positive Working Environment objectives to make work for all of us “productive, rewarding, enjoyable and healthy”.

How can it help me?

The Staff Review and Development discussion provides an opportunity for most of us think about and discuss our career development and training.  The behaviour framework sets out the standards and expectations of effective people in HE, and at Bristol, today.  It offers a ‘benchmark’ against which we can all judge ourselves with a view to getting even better at what we do.

Looking at your own staff review objectives (past and proposed) through this ‘lens’ of Professional Behaviours provides a number of opportunities and benefits:

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How do I use the framework to inform my Personal Development Plan?

Examine the objectives you set yourself in last years Staff Review.  These are contained on the form in Part A – “Taking Stock”.  Refer to the full Framework Document, and ask yourself these questions:

Professional Behaviours Image

Repeat this process during the Part B “Planning Ahead” part of the staff review form/process, where you are thinking about the objectives, challenges and changes you are likely to face over the coming year.

Use the Personal Development Plan Form (PDF, 25kB) to help guide your thoughts and to record your thinking on what you will need for the future, how you might develop in that area, and how you might implement and apply your learning. 

Discuss your draft Personal Development Plan as part of the Staff Review and Development process and agree a final version with your Reviewer.

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Summary of Benefits for Individuals of a Personal Development Plan

Continuing Professional Development is essential for maintaining the standard and integrity of all HE professionals.  The University strongly supports the following principles:

A good Personal Development Plan, coupled with the appropriate development and support, will help achieve the following benefits for individuals:

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