School research clusters

Within the school, there are concentrations of expertise in defined and externally-acknowledged clusters:

  • Art and Writing
  • British Art Research Cluster (BARC)
  • Colour
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Early Italian Studies
  • Film History
  • Film Style and Aesthetics
  • History and Historiography - Late Antiquity, Intellectual History and Ancient Economy
  • Inter Religious Dialogue
  • Investigation of Religious Practice
  • Literature and Critical Theory
  • Materialities
  • Medical Humanities Research Cluster and Seminars
  • Medieval and Early Renaissance Seminars
  • Myth and Religion
  • Penguin Archive
  • Philosophical and Theological Investigation of Concepts
  • Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
  • Textual Studies
  • Theatre History
  • Transnational Modernisms Research Cluster (TMRC)

Faculty research centres

Members of the school are actively involved in the following faculty research centres, which provide a focus for collaborative and interdisciplinary work.

Other groups associated with the School

Research in the Faculty

Our research forms part of the overall research activities and strategies of the Faculty of Arts.

Active research projects

For a list of current research projects in the school, please see the faculty research website's list of active research projects.

Interested in being a visiting researcher?

If you would like to be a visiting researcher at the University of Bristol, please see the School of Humanities' guidelines for visiting researchers, where you will also find an application form.

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