IAS BMVP Daniel Conley Public Lecture: Another threat from global warming: the expansion of low oxygen zones

30 November 2017, 5.15 PM - 30 November 2017, 6.15 PM

Daniel Conley

Reynolds Lecture Theatre, Wills Memorial Building

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Daniel Conley became a Marie Curie Chair in 2007 and then a Professor in Biogeochemistry at Lund University, Sweden in the Department of Geology.
A number of synthesis efforts have documented the world-wide decrease in the oxygen content of oceans and coastal ecosystems driven by nutrient inputs and warming. Declining oxygen concentrations are reducing suitable habitat, altering biogeochemical cycles, and may cause feedbacks that further exacerbate deoxygenation and global warming. The Baltic Sea provides an interesting case study to examine changes in oxygen dynamics because of the diversity of the temporal and spatial scales of low oxygen areas (hypoxia). I will explore the prospects of getting rid of hypoxia in the Baltic Sea and the time scales of improvement through nutrient reductions and geoengineering. 
Followed by a drinks reception - all welcome. 

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During his stay in Bristol, Professor Conley will be hosted by Dr Kate Hendry (Earth Sciences)