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IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Public Performance - 14 December 2016

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Public Lecture - 26 October 2016

IAS Honorary Research Fellow Lecture - 20 May 2016

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Public Lecture - 17 May 2016

IAS/Cabot Lecture - 26 April 2016

IAS/Cabot Lecture

Janelle Orsi, Creating the Next Economy: A Cartoon Guide to Designing Organizations, Navigating Laws, and Building Resilient Communities

IAS Lecture
Christopher Duffy, The Age of Water in the Terrestrial Water Cycle

IAS/Cabot Lecture
Professor Joyce Chaplin, 'The New Worlds at the Heart of T. R. Malthus's Principle of Population'

IAS/FoI Panel Discussion 2014
Slavery Legacies and Remembrance

IAS/EBI multidisciplinary workshop 2014
Pain: What does it mean to you?

IAS Round Table Discussion 2013
Dante and Dan Brown

IAS Winter Lecture 2012
Professor Thomas Docherty, 'Globalisation and the University, or, From Glasgow to Saturn'

IAS Distinguished Lecture 2011 and Sir Anthony Epstein Lecture
Sir Paul Nurse, 'Great Ideas of Biology'

IAS Autumn Lecture 2010 
Professor Donna Dickenson, 'Biocapital, Biotechnology and the New Feminization of Bodies'

IAS Distinguished Lecture 2010, in association with the Bristol Vision Institute
Professor VS Ramachandran, 'Neuroscience and Human Nature'

IAS Debate 2010
The Idea of the University Revisited - debate between Simon Blackburn and Alex Callinicos, 30 April 2010