The Joined-up University? New Encounters between universities, their partners and publics, January - March 2013

In recent years the core research and teaching activities of universities have been challenged by a wide range of new encounters. These new encounters are giving rise to relationships that disrupt conceptions of where knowledge resides, how problems are framed, and who should be mobilised to influence research.

Examples of such encounters include the activities taking place under headings such as Commercialisation, Open Innovation, Co-Production and Public Engagement, amongst others. The term ‘third stream’ has been used to refer to the new knowledge based activities between HEIs and organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors, and in wider society

To date, however these encounters and activities have been seen as largely disconnected developments which have arisen from very different parts of the university and engage very different stakeholders.  What can be learned from sharing experiences and knowledge across these diverse arenas?

This workshop series will draw together approximately 20 key actors from different parts of the University, and at differing levels of seniority.

Attendance at the workshops will be invitation only and participants will be encouraged to attend all four events so that trust can be built amongst participants who will not necessarily already know each other. 

The workshop format should also engender an open and honest conversation in which participants are able to talk freely about what they do and why, and the opportunities and challenges that have arisen.

Workshop 1: New Encounters: Opportunities and Challenges (Chair: Wendy Larner)
14.00-17.00, Wednesday 30 January 2013, Verdon Smith Room, IAS

Workshop 1: meeting papers

Workshop 2: New Encounters: Academic Identities (Chair: Keri Facer)
14.00-17.00, Wednesday 13 February 2013, 43 Woodland Road, Lecture Room 2

Workshop 2: meeting papers

Workshop 3: New Encounters: The View from Outside (Chair: Guy Orpen)
14.00-17.00, Wednesday 27 February 2013, 43 Woodland Road, Lecture Room 2

Workshop 4: New Encounters: The Engaged University (Chair: David Langley)
14.00-17.00, Wednesday 13 March, 43 Woodland Road, Lecture Room 2

For more information please contact Dr. Susan Jim.