Research in developing countries

The IAS is interested in finding out the drivers and barriers of conducting research in developing countries and to find answers to key questions such as:
  • How do such collaborations originate?
  • How initially do we find ways for researchers from different cultures and potentially different disciplines to discover a common vocabulary?
  • How must this type of research be carried out in order to equally benefit all involved?
  • What are the most appropriate modes of funding and evaluating the quality and impact of this type of research?

A seminar was held at the IAS on May 3rd 2006 to discuss the above issues and giving short presentations of their own personal experiences were:

  • Professor Malcolm Anderson, Pro-VC (Research), School of Geographical Sciences
    Low-cost, community-based, landslide risk reduction in the Caribbean
    Management of Slope Stabilities in Communities
  • Dr Lorena Barba, Department of Mathematics
    Advancement of scientific computing in Europe and Latin America
    Scientific Computing Advanced Training
  • Dr Stephen Gundry, Engineering Management Group
    Food systems in Zimbabwe: malnutrition and health
  • Professor Steve Sparks, Department of Earth Sciences
    Volcanic eruptions and their impact on human resources


Dr Angeline Barrett, Graduate School of Education
Professor Peter Bennett, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Professor Julian Eastoe, School of Chemistry
Professor Wendy Gibson, School of Biological Sciences
Dr Dawei Han, Water and Environment Management Group
Professor Marianne Hester, School for Policy Studies
Dr David Hill, School of Biological Sciences
Dr Lorraine Leu, Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
Professor Bronwen Morgan, School of Law
Dr Martin Sieber, Department of Mathematics
Dr Sally Thomas, Graduate School of Education
Dr Mohammed Wanous, Engineering Management Group
Leroy White, Department of Management
Professor Martin White, IAS, The Provost
Dr Susan Jim, IAS, Research Administrator

Bristol's research connections with developing countries

Our definition of developing countries also includes emerging and super-developing countries, and those in receipt of World Bank aid.

Other meetings

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