Research workshops

The IAS funds research/discussion workshops or workshop series designed to stimulate new ideas, themes, and interdisciplinary synergy. The University Research Committee regards IAS workshops as a natural starting point for anyone interested in first-phase research incubation and networking. Workshops and other funded IAS events are expected to be interdisciplinary in nature and primarily internal to the University, to build new areas of interest and expertise.

Types of Workshop

There is no set format for workshops, and no set number. They are open to postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers as well as pathway 1 & 2 academic staff.

  • Postgraduate/postdoctoral events can take the form of a series of seminars or one-off events, possibly involving academic staff at Bristol and occasional external speakers; funds of up to £1,000 are available.
  • Amongst academic staff, a typical workshop series will involve 2 - 3 seminars or sandpits, so that the topic and collaboration in focus can realise some cumulative development within the series. For this reason, and because of the primary focus on internal theme-building, we do not generally fund bids for academic mini-conferences as such. The workshops can fit anywhere along a spectrum from the purely exploratory, to something more organized and planned by an already (recently) established network. The exploratory type of meeting would be expected to involve very modest sums from IAS (for example, on-the-day refreshments and minor photocopying and related expenses); whilst the already partly networked teams might request travel and accommodation costs for external participants, and more substantial preparatory expenses.
  • Finally, we set aside resources for joint IAS/WUN workshops, where the collaborations envisaged are not only amongst Bristol colleagues and some external participants, but specifically involve colleagues from a range of WUN member institutions.

The maximum award available for any single research event is £1,000; a workshop series is £2,500, and £5,000 for the joint IAS/WUN workshops. They are expected to be completed within the academic year in which they are awarded and feedback must be provided by the submission of a ‌report form.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted on the Research Workshop Form (Office document, 129kB). They should comprise the intellectual rationale for the proposed events, the format envisaged, a list of core participants, a detailed and carefully justified budget, and intended or potential outcomes (e.g. publications, subsequent grant bids, conferences, networks). Applications are evaluated by the University Research Committee.

Applications should be sent through to the IAS/WUN Research Development Officer ( The next deadlines for applications are: 

  • Friday 13th October 2017
  • Friday 13th April 2018

Anyone considering applying for workshop funding should feel free to discuss their plans with the IAS/WUN Manager Dr Susan Jim.

IAS Research Workshop Plus

Projects developed through IAS Research Workshops which are in the process of seeking external funding can be supported for a further workshop series within the IAS Research Workshop Plus scheme.

Applications should be submitted on the Research Workshop Plus application form (Office document, 148kB)

Deadlines as for Research Workshops.

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‌For us, the Migration workshops IAS funded led directly to the building of a thriving network of migration researchers at Bristol - before that a few of us knew of each others' work

Katharine Charsley, Sociology, Politics and International Studies