Heterodox Islam

This part of the Global Islam group research is conducted by a loose group of researchers that includes Professor Robert Gleave (Exeter) and Dr Lloyd Ridgeon (Glasgow) in Britain, and also Dr Robert Langer (University of Heidelberg).

This group of researchers has common disciplinary interests in Islam in the geographical area that might loosely be defined ‘Turko-Iranian’: that is, extending from Turkey to the east as far as Kýrgýzistan, to the Balkans, and also Iran. It includes also diaspora communities from these regions, specialising in particular on Shi’ism, and on heterodox groups, such as the Alevis, the Yezidis, and the Ahli-Haq, though not confined to them.

This coming year, we hope also to welcome Dr Rustam Shukurov (Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Moscow). As part of our project, we are currently looking in particular at comparative patterns of rural/urban religious interaction in Anatolia and Iran.

For further information contact Dr David Shankland on (D.P.Shankland@bris.ac.uk)