User Group Workshops

Workshops are held bi-annually and although they are aimed at the ALSPAC social science user group, they are open to any researchers. 

Full details of the workshops are on the ALSPAC User Group website.

Forthcoming Events

No events are currently planned.

Past Events

Recent Developments in Observational Epidemiology using Mendelian Randomisation - 26th May 2011

Inequalities in Childhood Health - 14 April 2011

Showcasing ALSPAC as a resource for social and health researchers - 4th April 2011

Sex selection and parental investment: the interplay of technological and economic change - 22 October 2010

The economic return to education - 16 September 2010

Persistence in Health: The influence of early life conditions and intergenerational transmission - 16th October 2009

The Economics of Diet and Obesity, Goldney Hall, University of Bristol. Wednesday 20th May 2009,


Tuesday 24th February 2009, Joint Workshop with the Geary Institute, University College, Dublin

Venue: Dublin.  Keynote: Child Health and Young Adult Outcomes -  Janet Currie (Columbia)


Monday 24th November 2008, All day event at London House, Bloomsbury, London.

Joint workshop with the International Centre for Life Course Studies in Society and Health, UCL.