Seminar Series

Seminars are held on the first Thursday  of the month 3pm - 4pm in the seminar rooms of 2 Priory Road.  They are open to everyone, if you would like to attend please contact

Seminars in 2011

2nd June Nina Jacobs Bristol Young people's understandings of tobacco,alcohol and cannabis
5th May Anna Vignoles &

John Jerrim

Institute of Education "The use (and misuse) of statistics in understanding social mobility: an application to the cognitive development of high ability children from disadvantaged homes"
3rd February Debbie Lawlor Bristol

Gestational weight gain in a UK cohort: patterns, risk factors and associations with later mother and offspring health

Seminars in 2010

7th October Peter Elias ESRC Long term strategy of longitudinal data at the ESRC
2nd September Cathy Chittleborough Bristol

Using factors measured in pregnancy to predict childhood outcomes.

5th May Simon Burgess Bristol ALSPAC - Friendships Data
7th April Michele Haynes The University of Queensland,Australia

A Glimpse of Longitudinal Social Data in Australia and Two Studies relating to Physical Activity and Substance Abuse (PDF, 6kB)

3rd March Roberto Melotti Bristol The timing of maternal depression and child cognitive outcome in ALSPAC: a life-course approach.
3rd Feb Paul Clarke and Michael Spratt Bristol Using the ALSPAC Blitz to assess non-response bias.

Seminars in 2009

2nd December Anna Vignoles and Claire Crawford Institute of Education The Great Divide: fixed vs. random effects in an education context
4th November No Meeting    
7th October Melissa Martinson Columbia Social Work School Health Across the Life Span in the United States and England.
2nd September Laura Howe Social Medicine, Bristol Socioeconomic position and trajectories of growth and adiposity  across childhood. (Office document, 1,070kB) (ppt 1,071kb)
1st July George Davey-Smith ALSPAC Discussion on the paper. "Genetics and Social inquiry" by Jeremy Freese and Sara Shostak. (PDF, 161kB)
2nd June Lynne Molloy ALSPAC Update on ALSPAC 17+ Clinic
1st April Roberto Melotti Psychiatry, Bristol Associations between Risky Behavior and Socio-Economic status
4th March Matt Hickman Bristol Data linkage / markers
4th Feb Alan Emond, Richard Reading and Robin Haynes Bristol and  University of East Anglia Neighbourhood modelling in ALSPAC

Seminars in 2008

5th Nov Elizabeth Washbrook Bristol Measurement of SES/SEP for the ALSPAC cohort. (Office document, 274kB)
1st Oct     No seminar - User Group Workshop, Institute of Education
1st July George Davey-Smith Bristol Genetic Research and Mendelian randomisation
1st July Jane Greave Danish National Centre for Social Research, Copenhagen Obesity Research in the Danish Birth Cohort Study (PDF, 298kB)
6th May Kate Duckworth Institute of Education What role for the three R's? Progress and Attainment during Primary School (pdf, 1.68MB)
1st April Carol Propper Bristol Understanding the Relationship between Parental Income and Multiple Child Outcomes: a decomposition analysis (pdf, 537.9KB)

Seminars in 2007

July 10th David Lawson UCL Tracking Family Configuration in ALSPAC
Sept 4th Ingrid Schoon City UL Risk, resilience and the intergenerational transmission of (dis)advantage
Oct 2nd Barbara Maughan Institute of Psychiatry Influences on antisocial behaviour in adolescence
Dec 4th Frank Windmeijer Bristol Instrumental Variables Estimation in Nonlinear Models