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Publication - Mr Damian Steer

    Towards sustainable, enterprise-scale Research Data Storage and Management


    Gardiner, C, Gray, S, Price, S, Boyd, D, Knight, V, Steer, D & Cregan, B, 2012, ‘Towards sustainable, enterprise-scale Research Data Storage and Management’. in: Digital Research 2012., Oxford


    The University of Bristol's road map towards sustainable research data management builds on the success of its petascale Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF) through the data.bris programme of projects to establish a University-wide repository service. The eventual data.bris Research Data Repository Service is designed to meet the growing demand from researchers for data-related support and will better align the University with the requirements of funders and publishers by fulfilling the following functions.

    Construct, maintain and track the usage of an externally accessible digital repository consisting of the University's research data. Datasets will be cross-referenced with related research outputs (e.g. journal articles) to be listed in Pure, the institutional Research Information System (RIS).

    Deliver and maintain an on-demand, professional training course, open to all research staff. This course will be focused on helping staff meet the Research Data Management (RDM) mandates which have recently been introduced by many research funding bodies.

    Applicants to RCUK funding councils are expected to provide a detailed Data Management Plan (DMP) explaining how data management issues will be addressed. The repository service will support and guide research staff during the pre-award, DMP authoring phase and offer ongoing support to help address RDM requirements during and at the close of research activities.

    In this paper we share what we consider to be the critical success factors of the RDSF and describe how a similar model is being applied in data.bris with the aim of achieving effective research data management across the enterprise. We conclude by reporting on some of the open questions around the challenging problem of sustainable research data curation.

    Full details in the University publications repository