• Bristol appoints Professor Tavaré to lead new Faculty of Life Sciences 9 January 2018 Professor Jeremy Tavaré will take up the role of Dean when the University of Bristol’s new Faculty of Life Sciences is officially launched on 1 August this year.
  • £10 million hub to tackle global vaccination challenges 3 January 2018 The University of Bristol will contribute to a new research hub to increase global immunisation coverage and improve response to viral outbreaks through the rapid and cost-effective deployment of vaccines.
  • David Telling Grant 11 December 2017 Enhanced PPAR-delta expression in patients with periodontitis promotes the inflammatory and pro-atherosclerotic properties of monocytes/macrophages The most common cause of heart attacks is atherosclerosis.
  • Major funding boost for internationally-recognised healthcare research centres 11 December 2017 Three interdisciplinary research consortia, including the University of Bristol's SPHERE project, have been allocated more than £11 million to continue healthcare sensing systems research that is revolutionising how we identify and respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases, diagnose and manage lung diseases, and recognise and solve emerging health and wellbeing issues in the home environment.
  • Research reveals how cells rebuild after division 4 December 2017 University of Bristol research has revealed how cells rebuild their nucleus and organise their genome when they divide – a discovery which could have major implications for understanding cancer and degeneration.
  • Biology and chemistry combine to generate new antibiotics 28 November 2017 Combining the innovations of synthetic biology with biology and chemistry, a team of scientists at the University of Bristol have generated a brand-new platform that will allow the production of desperately needed brand-new antibiotics.
  • Revolutionary microscope and labelling technique maps DNA mutations 23 November 2017 A team of scientists working at the University of Bristol have developed a new nanomapping microscope - powered by the laser and optics found in a typical DVD player.
  • Breastfed babies are less likely to have eczema as teenagers, study shows 17 November 2017 Babies whose mothers had received support to breastfeed exclusively for a sustained period from birth have a 54 per cent lower risk of eczema at the age of 16, a new study led by researchers from King's College London, Harvard University, University of Bristol and McGill University shows.
  • Category winners to be honoured in Vice-Chancellor’s Impact Awards 17 November 2017 The category winners of this year’s Vice-Chancellor’s Impact Awards, which showcase the diverse and globally important contributions that University of Bristol research makes to society, have been announced.
  • Bristol wins grant to tackle antibacterial drug resistance in Thailand 16 November 2017 The University of Bristol has been awarded a grant through the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) cross-research council initiative, in partnership with the Department of Health, to lead an inter-disciplinary research project to tackle the growing threat of antibacterial drug resistance (ABR) in Thailand.

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