Message regarding government surveillance

January 2014: The University recently received an enquiry from a member of the public regarding the security of data held by the University, in light of the information on government surveillance published in the media over the last six months. In response, we issued the following statement:

"The University takes the protection of data entrusted to it and the privacy of staff, students and research participants very seriously. Data is protected by technical measures, eg the the use of encryption for data in transit, and through policy and training for staff who handle confidential data.

It has been well known for many years that government authorities can access the communications and data of individuals as part of an appropriately authorised legal investigation. If the University receives a properly constituted request under law the University must comply and hand over the data of individuals to the authorities. However government agencies do not have unrestricted access to data stored at the University - to the best of our knowledge there is no backdoor into our systems or interception device on our network."

Nick Skelton

Assistant Director, IT Services (Infrastructure)