Do you want to change the world? Our Innovation courses will set you on your way.

The change makers and leaders of the 21st century will bring together arts, science, engineering, humanities and enterprise to deliver innovative products, services and ways of living. Our innovation courses are for people who want to pursue their academic specialism in a way that enables them to apply it - to become innovators who can change the world.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As an innovation student you will be based at The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a Bristol hub for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Students and staff in engineering, medicine, law, the humanities, sciences and education will find their way to The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to take on a wide variety of problems together; the focus is on creating an energetic learning environment.


We collaborate with many different organisations to help them innovate and solve challenges. Partnerships can start with small projects.

The team

We can provide your organization with state-of-the-art facilities, space and support to grow your business, use of our intellectual property.


Keep up to date with everything that's happening surrounding innovation, technology and entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol.

Over time events will also be added, showcasing the best of innovation at the University.

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