The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As an innovation student you will be based at The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a Bristol hub for innovators and entrepreneurs.

When I came to Bristol to study I had no idea that the city was such a hub for creative ventures. The innovation courses will see students immersed in that space, and what a great time it is to be involved.

Dominic Chapman (Second year BSc Economics and Finance), Co-founder software startup

Students and staff in engineering, medicine, law, the humanities, sciences and education will find their way to The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to take on a wide variety of problems together; the focus is on creating an energetic learning environment and great learning experiences.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will:

  • host our many external partners and visitors who advise, and often become part of, the project teams
  • be a place to grow ideas from start of project to outcome
  • have a network of investors ready to support ideas that are ripe for investment
  • have an international network of collaborators to enable exchanges of students and staff, supporting global team-working, innovation and entrepreneurship.
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