New Starters

New Starters

IT accounts are created automatically following creation of the relevant entries into the HR record system and the student record system.  The HR system is also used for honorary staff and associates.

What do I need to do in advance as a manager?

  • Ensure your new starter's entry in the HR system is created in good time (this allows the username to be known and the IT account and other services provisioned). Entry of data for honorary staff and associates is delegated. Please note that entry of personal email address and phone number is necessary to allow the self service password reset tool to work.
  • Request access to any file shares the new starter may need using the "File Permissions Request" form.
  • Request access to any mailing lists or delegate mail accounts they will need. Access is managed by the administrators of these mailboxes.
  • Request access to any systems required by the role
  • Contact your local Ucard administrator (and others if necessary) to arrange building access
  • Exceptionally - exemption from appearing in the external facing contact directory is possible but requires approval from the Secretary's Office
  • If the new starter is replacing an existing user then the existing computer is to be re-used. If you suspect the existing computer is out of warranty please contact the to enquire about possible provision of a new computer.
  • For any other IT equipment or software that may be required please contact the However, some IT accessories can be purchased direct from MyERP's Marketplace by any University requisitioner.
  • Usernames are available two working days after the initial entry in the HR system has been made These are required before access to other systems can be granted

What IT access is provided?

  • Default entitlements include:
    • Access to the University network, and Eduroam wireless wherever it is available
    • A University of Bristol email address
      • For staff and associates, this is of the format and you can then create a personal mail name (alias). Subsequent changes must be made via the Service Desk.
      • Research Postgraduates are treated like staff for the purposes of email
      • For students, this is of the format and you can then create a friendly mail name (alias). Subsequent changes must be made via the Service Desk.
    • Personal filestore and possibly a departmental filestore
    • Access to the Blackboard virtual learning environment
    • Many online bibliographic databases
    • The University's intranet and portal (MyBristol)
    • University collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office 365

Obtaining an IT username, password and UCard

  • Staff, honorary staff and associates
    • Obtain your username from your School/Department or look up your details in the Contact Directory.  Your username will form the first part of your email address before the @.
    • Set your password using the self-service password reset tool. Please note that the password reset tool relies on the staff database having a record of your personal email or mobile number to verify your identity. If those details are not included you will need to contact the IT Service Desk; you will need to present photo ID.
    • New starters have an option regarding UCard.
      • Visit the security lodge to  have a photo taken and be  issued with a UCard on the spot. PhotoID  is again required.
      • Obtain log-on details first, upload a photo online, and then receive or collect the card.
    • Staff based at Langford are able to obtain their log-on details from their zonal IT Team
  • Students
    • Account Details are provided and password set during your first online registration
    • UCards are provided on physical registration, provided a photo has been uploaded by the required date

When do accounts become live?

  • Accounts for staff, honorary staff and associates  become live 2 working days after the data has been entered into the HR system. Passwords will not be issued until the actual start date.
  • Accounts for students are made live during online registration

Additional information for new starters

Guidance on available IT services can be found on the new staff and new students pages.