Managed PCs: Overview

A standard University PC is called a managed PC. Most University computers are now managed; the remainder are being steadily upgraded.

The instructions on these pages apply to managed PCs only.

Identifying managed PCs

A managed PC will have an icon called About this PC in Start menuAll programs:

Click the icon to see further information about your PC.

You can also identify managed PCs by their brightly-coloured login screens:

If you have an older, non-standard PC, please contact the Service Desk and we will upgrade or replace it.

We recommend that you do not shut down your PC when you go home

Instead, you should log off.

(Locking the computer is not sufficient as the following will not run).

When not in use, your PC will go into an extremely low-power sleep mode. It will wake up at night and over the weekend to install any security or application updates and to run an anti-virus scan. When it's finished, it will return to sleep. This means that you will be able to work without interruption during the day.

If the machine is turned off then it will perform these maintenance tasks when it is next switched on, and will typically run more slowly while it does so.