Apple iPhone/iPad Google Setup (Email and Calendar)

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To help you set up your Apple device for Email and Calendar, we've made the following instructions. There are other ways to connect but each one has advantages and disadvantages. If you get stuck, please have a look at our troubleshooting section.

By configuring your device using the method below, your device will be connected to our Google service. Please be aware of the MDM policy

How do I set up my device?

    On your computer

  1. Set your Google password using our password change form.
  2. On your device

  3. Click Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  4. Select "Add Account..." then Microsoft Exchange.

    Why exchange? Have a look at our FAQ for more information.

    Screenshot of Gmail settings
  5. Enter the following details:
    Screenshot of Gmail settings
    Email: Your full email address such as...
    • Staff (example):
    • Student (example):
    Password: Google passwordYour Google password

    Password not working? Set your Google password on our password reset page.

    Description: UoB Google Account
  6. Click Next. If you see a warning that says "Cannot verify server identity", Click Continue The setup will then give you more options. Enter the following:
    Screenshot of Gmail settings
    Domain: Leave blank
    Username: Your username in the following format...
    • Staff (example):
    • Student (example):
  7. Click Next
  8. Select which services you would like to configure:
    • Mail
    • Contacts
    • Calendar

    If you recieve a message saying "What would you like to do with existing local contacts/calendar entries" make sure to select Keep on my iPhone/iPad failiure to do this will delete your phonebook/other calendars.

  9. On your device, Open the Safari web browser and go to Sign in using:
    Username: Your Google Username in the following format...
    • Staff (example):
    • Student (example):
    Password: Your Google password
    Screenshot of Gmail settings
  10. Select the device you just set up (It should say iPhone/iPad/iPod)
    Screenshot of Gmail settings
  11. Ensure Enable send as is ticked, and all the relevant calendars are enabled (even if you have disabled calendar, this will select what is syncronised with your device if you do enable calendar)
    Screenshot of Gmail settings
  12. Click Save at the bottom of the webpage
  13. Your device is now set up. We recommend you view the FAQ page to explore additional features and Settings.

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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If the mobile team is asked a question relatively often, we'll try and update our FAQ page. Take a look and if there is anything missing, please let us know!

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Created: 13th March 2013
Last Update: 27th March 2013
Status: Live
Device Tested: iPhone 4S
OS: iOS 6.1.2
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