Use Previous Versions to recover files and folders

Previous Versions provide self-service file recovery on various filestores including MyFiles.

To recover Previous Versions:

  • Open Windows explorer (click the Windows key on your keyboard, type explorer then press the enter key)
  • Right-click the folder or drive that contains the folder or file you need to restore, in the resulting menu click Restore previous versions Right click menu for a folder
  • A window will appear showing the folder versions that are available, ordered by the time they were taken Window showing previous versions
  • Locate a folder version appropriate to your requirements, click it to highlight, then click the Open button
  • The folder will open, copy the required folder(s) and/or file(s) from it to suitable location Folder version open in explorer

Why can't I see any Previous Versions?

  • If you cannot see a previous version of a file or folder there may not have been enough time since its creation for a copy to be taken - if you create a file at 1PM then delete it at 2PM then it is very unlikely that a previous version will be available
  • There are various technical circumstances which may lead to there being no previous versions on some occasions
Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance if you need to recover a file or folder but Previous Versions are not available.