Photocopying using Canon photocopiers

Canon printer/photocopiers are available in all branch libraries and the main central study spaces. A number of academic departments also provide Canon copiers for student use, see the list of printer/photocoper locations.

Colour photocopying is available in the Computer Centre and during opening hours in the Arts & Social Sciences, Chemistry, Medical, Wills Memorial (Law) and Veterinary Science (Langford) libraries.

Print Credit

Photocopiers in branch libraries and central study spaces require Print Credit before you can make copies, though it is possible to scan to your MyFiles folder for free from many of the copiers. Copies are charged at the same rates as prints, 5p per black and white A4 side, 20p per colour A4 side, 10p per black and white A3 side, 40p per colour A3 side of paper. Ensure that you have enough Print Credit before you start copying.

General notes about photocopying

Instructions on how to use photocopiers are placed by the devices, as there is some small variation between models. You can usually choose A3 or A4 paper sizes, as well as enlarging or reducing the original. Many copiers will take acetates but you must check the suitability of these with staff in the location first, as incorrect sheets can damage the photocopier.

Login to a Canon copier either with a UCard, (where available) or by entering your username and password on the touchscreen. Choose 'Scan/copy' and follow the instructions for options.

Remember to logout by pressing the ID button, to prevent other people from making copies at your expense.

Users with difficulties accessing library resources may contact Library Support to use our scanning and photocopying service.

You must comply with the copyright law which is explained on notices by the machines and on the Library website.

If you have a problem with a photocopier or your photocopy card, or the paper runs out, please ask for assistance - do not attempt to fix it yourself.