Using self service to track a query

You can use self service to report and keep track of your incidents. This page shows you how to track what is happening to previously reported incidents and how you can add additional information.

Viewing your incidents

New requests
  • Click on "Current Incidents" from the IT Services homepage or from within selfservicedesk.
  • It will prompt you to login with your normal UOB username and password if necessary.
  • It should then take you to the screen below.
Screenshot of self service

Click on an incident number to view more details of that incident. That will take you to the screen below.


You can add additional information to your incident, or add an additional related question. Click in the top half of the Action field and add your comment, then click on the Save button to finish (found at both the top and bottom of the page).

  • Whenever you add new text to your incident it will be seen by your current support officer (or team),
  • If the status was “Awaiting user input”, the new status will be “Assigned” and this will tell the staff looking at your incident that you have replied.


Screenshot of self service