Staff and PGR students to move from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook on 10th July 2017

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[03 May 2017]

We are moving to Microsoft’s email and calendar service on 10th July 2017. On this date Outlook will replace Gmail for all staff and postgraduate research students.

Existing emails and calendar entries will be migrated to Outlook and we expect the transition to the new system to be smooth. We will provide you with information on how to access email from each of your devices, along with any action you need to take, and details of support available before the changeover. 

Further information, including FAQs and feedback options, is already available at

Why are we making this change?

This is an important first step in the Digital Workspace programme. This programme will improve the way we communicate, collaborate and manage information through the phased implementation of Microsoft Office 365 tools and the introduction of associated new working practices for our community. Microsoft Office 365 provides us with a comprehensive and integrated range of tools which are compatible with many of our external partners, complementing our activities as a modern, agile and externally-focused university.   

 Our Digital Workspace will provide a single point of access for:

  • Your individual email, calendar and documents (Outlook and OneDrive file store)
  • Collaborative team spaces for information, task sharing and more (Office applications online, SharePoint sites)
  • A University-wide space (new intranet and Yammer) for key information, news and updates 
  • New communication tools, such as integrated phones, instant messaging and audio/video conferencing, available around the clock, from any device, across our campuses and beyond.

These changes will advance how we manage our information, getting rid of duplicated and out-of-date material, complying with the latest legislation and responding to the needs of our partners and collaborators.

While the Digital Workspace programme is ambitious and will take some time to complete, July marks our first collective step on this journey.