Implementation of new operating model for IT Services

[04 February 2018]

IT Services is implementing a new Operating Model. We are currently recruiting staff to new roles in the organisation with the aim to complete the changes by May 2018. During this period there may be some impact on normal working, and we would ask for your patience as we implement these changes.

The revised structure for IT Services recognises the change in focus and skills needed to meet the future demands of the Digitial Strategy and greater alignment and engagement with the rest of the University as we support changes to student numbers, the campus space and the growing demand for digital solutions.

In 2016 IT Services began a review of current structures to allow the organisation to better deliver on the challenges of the IT strategy.

We developed a new operating model at the time and ran a series of workshops and consultations to explore that model.  It was refined and approved in principle by the appropriate governance bodies within the University in November 2016.  The IT Senior Management Team accepted new roles in January 2017.  During the early part of 2017, we planned the new Operating Model against the budget, reviewed job descriptions and continued to consult staff and Unions. Due to work commitments over the summer, the change was put on hold, but discussions and briefings continued.

In October 2017 we restarted the formal process and on 1 November launched the official consultation with IT staff on the proposed changes. Following the formal consultation period all feedback received was reviewed and applied as appropriate to make changes to the model.

For details of the changes, please see the IT Operating Model webpage (UoB only).