Windows 10 upgrade in teaching and study spaces


[26 September 2018]

Over the summer, Windows managed computers in teaching and study spaces have been gradually upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This includes all libraries, teaching labs and lecture theatres.

We're making this change because Windows 7 will soon reach end-of-life and Microsoft will eventually stop providing security updates. The upgrade will ensure security of our systems and will streamline services with Office 365.

Existing software that works with Windows 7 should work with Windows 10. However, if you are concerned please follow the advice below.

  • You can familiarise yourself with Windows 10 by using an upgraded machine. See list of upgraded computers.
  • Get in touch and we can provide you with a remote desktop test of Windows 10 on your current PC.
  • If you are teaching in the new academic year, please ensure that you have checked your materials on the new system before term starts and are confident in accessing files.

    We recommend using OneDrive for Business for any files you need quick access to on a Windows 10 PC. By 2020 all University PCs will be Windows 10, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business will replace MyFiles and Google Drive as your personal file storage area. OneDrive for Business can be accessed in your browser by going to Microsoft Office 365 and clicking OneDrive.

To see the full timeline, read guidance documents or to find out more information about specific or specialised software, please visit our Windows 10 upgrade webpages.