Corporate Accountability Conference

8 November 2014, 9.30 AM - 8 November 2014, 4.00 PM

Registration for this conference is now closed.

This conference explores the challenges of holding business actors, in particular corporations, to account in terms of their social, environmental and human rights performance and making sure that they comply with relevant guidelines, principles and codes. There are many difficulties involved in seeking access to and achieving effective remedies for business wrongs, especially in the context of complex networks of suppliers and subsidiaries, based in different parts of the world. The UNGPs set out guidance for accessing judicial and non-judicial remedies, including internal grievance mechanisms.

This conference will consider the possibilities and the limitations in the judicial and non-judicial mechanisms and the extent to which they provide genuine access to justice. In an era of widespread economic crisis, deep poverty and widening gap between rich and poor, as well as precarious employment and looming environmental catastrophe, the answers to the questions explored in this conference are undeniably of great relevance. If global governance is to succeed, business actors must be forced to face their responsibilities and effective remedies must be obtainable when companies fail to comply with the standards imposed upon them. This conference will provide participants with an opportunity to debate the various avenues of redress for victims of human rights abuses and future possibilities.

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