Of Lois and Louis Bibbings: A Conversation about Researching Men

17 March 2015, 1.00 PM - 17 March 2015, 2.00 PM

3.32 Wills Memorial Building

This 'Women in Law' event features a discussion between Lois S Bibbings, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol Law School, and Dave Cowan, Professor, University of Bristol Law School about Lois's best-selling book, Telling Tales About Men: Conceptions of Conscientious Objectors to Military Service During the Great War and the recently published and SLSA prize short-listed, Binding Men: Stories about violence and law in late Victorian England (available from the library as an e-book).

Telling Tales was mistakenly attributed to one 'Louis S. Bibbings' in a journal review in (ironically) Gender & History leading to the birth of her wayward alter ego; a comical academic situation which provides scope for serious reflection.
Dr Devyani Prabhat, coordinator ‘Women in Law’ events, will direct some of the conversation towards research and writing skills. There will be an open Q&A session at the end of the conversation.

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