Stimulating business in an EU in crisis

2 June 2015, 9.00 AM - 2 June 2015, 6.00 PM

The case of Greece illustrates a series of deficiencies and failures of the European Union. The EU Treaty after Lisbon emphasises the overarching objectives of sustainable development and a highly competitive social market economy, aiming at full employment and social progress. We are now however witnessing a different Union from the one envisaged by its founders, with unemployment amongst especially young people in the Southern European countries over 50 per cent, businesses closing down or moving overseas, gender inequality, xenophobia, social unrest, human rights violations, global warming and pressure on other planetary boundaries. Business has a crucial role to play in solving these issues and in this current socio-political-economic climate how to stimulate business is a pervasive question. How to stimulate business in an EU in crisis provides the broader setting for reflecting on current European trends for regulating and managing corporations, and the significance this has for corporations’ legal status and their operations, as well as for corporations’ behaviour towards society and the world. 

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