Global Health Security: PhD Masterclass and Lecture

25 April 2018, 2.00 PM - 25 April 2018, 8.00 PM

Professor Lawrence Gostin

8-10 Berkley Square Bristol, BS8

PhD masterclass for doctoral researchers in Public and Global Health

2 PM - 4 PM, Room 1.13, 8-10 Berkley Square

In this masterclass, Professor Gostin - a world-leading global health researcher - will discuss how to approach the challenges of researching in public and global health, and crucially in how researchers can translate their research into practice. Prof Gostin is involved in collaborations, amongst others, with the WHO, The Lancet, and The Economist, and stands tall as a scholar who combines cutting-edge research agendas with activism and policy engagement.

The masterclass is open to all University of Bristol PhD students working in areas associated with Public and Global Health. Professor Gostin’s primary discipline is Law, but the masterclass is designed for a transdisciplinary audience. Professor Gostin will outline some key issues, following which the session will follow a discursive format, allowing you to raise challenges that you face in your own research, and ask questions about the complex interface between research and practice.

This event is free but spaces are limited. To register please click here


Lecture: Global Health Security In An Era of Explosive Pandemic

5 PM - 8 PM, Moot Court Room, 8-10 Berkley Square

Professor Lawrence Gostin (Benjamin Meaker Visiting Fellow)

"Pandemics pose a significant risk to security, economic stability, and development. Annualized expected losses from pandemics are estimated at $60 billion per year. Despite the certainty and magnitude of the threat, the global community has significantly underestimated and underinvested in preparing for pandemic threats."

"We cannot wait or continue with the status quo, in which we pay attention to infectious disease threats only when they are at their peak and then are complacent and remain vulnerable until the next major outbreak. To reinforce and sustain international focus, funding, and action, it is crucial that pandemics rise to the level of “high politics,” becoming standing agenda items for political actors."

In this lecture, Professor Lawrence Gostin makes the case for fundamental reform of the international system to safeguard global health security. He builds on the action agenda offered by four international commissions formed in the wake of the Ebola epidemic, calling for the recommended “peace dividend” (an annual incremental investment of $4.5 billion – 65 cents per person) to strengthen global preparedness, for the United Nations to play a greater role in responding to major global health and humanitarian emergencies, and for an effective and efficient R&D strategy with multiple stakeholders—governments, academics, industry, and civil society—identifying R&D priorities and leading a coordinated response. 

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception and the opportunity to purchase Professor Gostin's book Global Health Law

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