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Publication - Professor Albert Sanchez Graells

    Public Procurement and ‘Core’ Human Rights

    A Sketch of the EU Legal Framework


    Graells, AS, 2018, ‘Public Procurement and ‘Core’ Human Rights: A Sketch of the EU Legal Framework’. School of Law, University of Bristol, pp. 1


    In this paper, I sketch the main mechanisms for the implementation of a 'core' human rights-orientated public procurement policy foreseen in the 2014 EU Public Procurement Package. I discuss the main constraints for the inclusion of human rights-related considerations in the procurement process through the following instruments: exclusion grounds; use of labels; award criteria; and contract performance requirements. I conclude by offering a skeptical view of the effectiveness of any of these mechanisms due to policy fuzziness and significant resource constraints, and query their desirability due to the implicit trade-offs they impose on the general effectiveness of the procurement function.

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