The Centre brings together a vibrant network of world-class scholars, who are specialists with overlapping expertise in fields integral to law and enterprise. The Centre is also home to a highly-qualified and diverse community of research students with interests and expertise in these fields.

Our work focuses on the global interplay between law, regulation and governance and their economic and political as well as social and cultural effects. It encompasses the study of the traditional joint stock corporation as well as alternative corporate forms. The Centre is a place to develop robust academic research, including projects that may be unconventional, experimental or inter-disciplinary. It also provides a space for public dialogue between academics, policy-makers and practitioners and in this way, aims to generate real impact by advancing policy-relevant knowledge, research and debate.

ln particular, our work seeks to:

  • robustly engage with contemporary and historical critiques of the joint stock corporation, its governance and regulation;
  • explore a wide-ranging variety of avenues that point towards progressive development of the joint stock corporation, its organizational and legal form, governance, rights and liabilities;
  • examine those legal and organizational forms of business enterprise that present alternatives to the joint stock corporation and advance a more diverse, democratic, inclusive and flexible global entrepreneurial landscape comprising; amongst others, mutual societies, cooperatives and social enterprises;
  • investigate avenues for bringing above positive changes that include the development of innovative and diverse enterprise activity, as well as enabling participants to engage more effectively.

Research themes and activity include:

  • business enterprise and social justice
  • sustainability and business
  • the history of corporate governance
  • the role and purpose of company law and the corporation
  • boardroom composition
  • altering corporate structures
  • employee voices
  • value chains
  • enterprise in the sharing economy
  • social enterprise and public procurement
  • the co-housing social enterprise
  • access to justice
  • collective action and change


For more information please contact Nina Boeger.

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