HRIC visiting fellow seminar series

‌Sharing knowledge

Throughout the year the Centre organises a series of lectures given by human rights experts who come to the University to as part of the HRIC Visiting Staff Seminar Series. The programme, delivered by HRIC visiting fellows offers the opportunity to share knowledge and engage in a topical debate about human rights law.

The schedule

The seminars are open to anyone who is interested, please see our events page for a full list of planned seminars and how to book your place.

Current and past events

Please see below for details of present and past seminars (including copies of the presentation slides where available).

Speaker  DateTitle 
Jonathan Cooper 15 Nov 2017 What comes first, democracy or human rights?
John Wadham 5 Dec 2017 The prohibition against torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment; what does article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights mean?
Honour Judge Barry Cotter                   26 Jan 2017                           Impending changes to litigation and the court system
John Wadham 1 Dec 2016 Encouraging discrimination or speaking your mind?
Jonathan Cooper 16 Nov 2016 Has Brexit broken Britain? Has Brexit Broken Britain (PDF, 8,453kB)
Dr. Stuart Maslen 25 Feb 2016 Targeting Islamic State under International Human Rights Law
Jonnathan Cooper 19 Jan 2016 What does ongoing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persecution across the globe reveal about the value (and point) of human rights?
John Wadham 9 Dec 2015 A Bill of Rights for the UK: a good or bad idea?

News and events

For more information on events, and regular updates on when seminars are to be held, refer to the events page.