The Role of Labour Standards in Sustainable Development: Theory in Practice


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Session 1 - Theoretical connections between Work and Development

No. Speaker Topic MP3
1. Bob Hepple, QC
Emeritus Professor of Law, (University of Cambridge)
Comparative institutional advantage in the context of development MP3 Hepple
[10.3MB] [30:01]
2. Jacqui True
Senior Lecturer, Dept of Political Studies (University of Auckland)
Problems of gender, violence, development and labour MP3 True
[8.8MB] [25:46]
3. Brian Langille
Professor of Law (University of Toronto)
Human freedom and human capital; re-imagining labour law for development MP3 Langille
[10.8MB] [31.28]


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Session 2: Addressing Poverty and Social Exclusion: An Investigation of the Potential Impact of Welfare, Workfare and Anti-Discriminatory Laws

No. Speaker Topic MP3
1. Judy Fudge
Professor of Law (University of Victoria)
Gender, equality and capabilities: The role and relevance of anti-discrimination law MP3 Fudge
[8.2MB] [23:48]
2. Mark Bell
Professor of Law (University of Leicester)
Promoting social inclusion through anti-discrimination law MP3 Bell
[11.4MB] [33:17]


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Session 3: Child Poverty and Child Labour as an Obstruction to Development

No. Speaker Topic MP3
1. Dave Gordon & Simon Pemberton
Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research (University of Bristol)
Eradicating child poverty: The role of legal rights MP3 Gordon & Pemberton
[10.2MB] [29:54]
2. Sonia Bhalotra
Reader in Economics (University of Bristol)
Understanding the economics of child labour MP3 Bhalotra
[11MB] [32:11]
3. Surya Deva
Assistant Professor, School of Law (City University of Hong Kong)
Child labour: What “responsibility” might entail for “responsive” corporations? MP3 Deva
[9.9MB] [28:41]


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Session 4: Development through Trade Conditionality and Aid Provision

No. Speaker Topic MP3
1. Ben Moxham
European Union and International Relations Department (TUC)
Trade union objectives and sustainable development through trade and aid MP3 Moxham
[7.4MB] [21:24]
2. Adelle Blackett
Professor, Faculty of Law (McGill University)
Development, the movement of persons, and labour law: trade and aid vs. reasonable labour market access MP3 Blackett
[10.2MB] [29:42]
3. Diamond Ashiagbor
Reader in Law (University College London)
Ameliorating globalization? European Union approaches to the social dimension of globalization MP3 Ashiagbor
[10MB] [29:21]


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Session 5: Achieving Development through Social Dialogue, Corporate Social Responsibility and other Participatory Strategies

No. Speaker Topic MP3
1. Charlotte Villiers
Professor of Company Law (University of Bristol)
Corporate social responsibility and participatory labour laws MP3 Villiers
[8.2MB] [23:55]
2. David Tajgman
ILO Consultant (Labour in Development, Denmark)
How social dialogue and CSR have met up with traditional international supervision in realising FPRW MP3 Tajgman
[8.9MB] [26:01]
3. Tonia Novitz
Professor of Labour Law (University of Bristol)
Big unions and big business: how might international framework agreements promote development at a local level MP3 Novitz
[8.4MB] [24:28]


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Session 6: The Utility (or otherwise) of seeking Protection of Labour Standards within the Framework of Sustainable Development

No. Speaker Topic MP3
1. Jeff Kenner
Professor of European Law (University of Nottingham)
Comment 1 MP3 Kenner
[4.5MB] [12:59]
2. James Howard
Director, Economic and Social Policy (ITUC)
Comment 2 MP3 Howard
[9.1MB] [26:25]
3. Rolph van der Hoeven
Professor of Employment and Development Economics (ISS)
Comment 3 MP3 van der Hoeven
[8.1MB] [23:27]


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